Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MAC Haul... Darn It.

I have no will power.

This morning, my foundation brush died. I won't describe to you how bad this brush was - but it was bad. I'm also pretty sure I've had it for more than a decade. Why, then, when I have a cup full of high end brushes on my vanity was this lone stinker still hanging around? Because until about 6 months ago, I never wore foundation. Hence, I kind of just kept the brush around in case I decided I wanted to start wearing foundation, but rarely used it. Naturally, as I sat holding the handle of my cheap-o brush in one hand and the ferrule in the other this morning, I decided I needed to go to MAC. 

I treked into my favorite MAC counter after work this evening and immediately got suckered into playing around with products. Instead of making a beeline to shadows (my makeup crack), I started ogling blushes. I ended up picking up Melba - a gorgeous, peachy orange color - and Baby Don't Go, a light tan. Baby Don't Go is actually meant for me to use as a contour - most bronzers look too orange or muddy on my super-duper fair skin and this just looked fabulous when the salesgirl at MAC used it to lightly contour my cheeks. We'll see if I am able to duplicate her success at home (doubtful). 

I also picked up my needed 190 foundation brush - duh-doy, that is why I was there, after all! As I stood looking at all the beakers of brushes, my glance fell on the lone remaining 224 brush. I have held it in my hands so many times, only to place it back in lieu of something else. "Baby, it's not you, it's me," I find myself saying to the 224 on a bimonthly basis. "I'm just a broke 20-something and I can't buy you today no matter how fabulous you are. One day we will be together - but not today." This is usually followed by meaningful looks and tearful goodbyes. Today, my will broke. As the salesgirl started extolling the excellence of the 224, I literally - literally - handed it to the girl and said "Stop it. Just take my money." Luckily she thought it was funny, but seriously: I have no will power. I also remembered that my brow pencil in Lingering is just about out, so while I was bleeding money left and right I picked up another one of those too.

 So much for "no more makeup."

Baby Don't Go, Melba 

I'm actually ridiculously excited to use my new blush and brushes tomorrow... so despite my self-flogging for spending money I shouldn't be spending, I'm totally going to enjoy my splurge. I know, I know. This will power thing needs to happen. Just not today.

XOXO Samantha


  1. HA! Yes willpower is definitely not a strong personality trait of mine either! I'm loving the blushes you picked up...I'm a sucker for a good peach cheek!

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one! haha And thanks, I didn't own anything similar in my collection and I really like it! And Baby Don't Go has been surprisingly easy to contour with - it's amazing what the right shade will do!