Saturday, March 30, 2013

*REVIEW* New Spring/Summer 2013 Revlon Lip Butters

So after going into at least 7 different stores looking for them, I finally found the new Revlon Lip Butters in Target. Unfortunately they were out of Juicy Papaya, but I wasn't deterred from picking up the other 3 new shades.

Sorbet, Pink Lemonade, Wild Watermelon

I love Revlon's Lip Butters - they have (depending on the shade) the pigmentation of a lipstick without the fuss, they're moisturizing but never goopy or sticky, and I get pretty good wear out of them (especially the brighter colors). This trio brought my total number owned up to 10, which I don't feel bad about at all. (Justification, how I love thee.) This post was a trial in photography and lighting for me. I was bound and determined to get this post done last night - so determined, in fact, that I fell asleep at my laptop in the middle of writing this. Whoops! I took pictures in the evening, but ended up retaking almost all of them the next morning. I'm so glad I waited! I think the pictures turned out much prettier with the natural sunlight.

First, we have Sorbet. I have been loving bright pink lips this "spring." (I use this term loosely as it has barely gotten into the 40s yet this year where I live.) Sorbet is a bright, cool fuchsia pink. The pictures of this on my lips doesn't do it justice. The light is reflecting off of it in the picture and not quite showing how bold the color is. Against my fair skin, it's very bright. 

Next is Pink Lemonade. It's a very light nude pink and I am in LOVE with this. It gives the nude lip look without making you look dead since this has a nice gloss to it. It's a much more wearable look for me than other nude lip products I've tried. 

The final color I picked up was Wild Watermelon. I am ridiculously excited about this shade, so I'm glad I saved the best for last. My favorite lip butter by far is Candy Apple, but sometimes I want to wear a bright, warm red that isn't so orange. Guys... this is it. It's such a pretty pinky red, and I'm so excited to trade in my blue-red and orange-red lipsticks for Wild Watermelon this spring. There's also a sheerness to it that I like for the warmer months - I get nice, bright color without looking like I'm cake-faced. 


Pink Lemonade

Wild Watermelon

I also decided to swatch Sorbet and Wild Watermelon against similar shades in my collection for comparison.

Left: Sweet Tart; Right: Sorbet

These shades are very, very similar. Sweet Tart is just a bit warmer and lighter than Sorbet. I'd also say that Sweet Tart's consistency/finish is a little more creamy while Sorbet's has more "juiciness" and sheerness to it. There were some swatch pictures that I took during photo shoot #1 where I couldn't tell which swatch was which product. The differences show up more on the list, but if you aren't a fervent collector I would recommend picking only one of these. 

Left: Candy Apple; Center: Wild Watermelon; Right: Cherry Tart

As you can tell from the swatches, Wild Watermelon is much pinker and sheerer than Candy Apple. It's also lighter and warmer than Cherry Tart. Like Sorbet, there is a "juiciness" to Wild Watermelon that makes it perfect for warmer weather. 

Extra: Candle-of-the-Night
I had this burning the whole time I was working on this post last night. I'm trying to finish up my small Spiced Apple Toddy candle from B&BW while the weather is still cool. This smells like musky spiced cider, if that makes any sense at all (I'm sure it doesn't). This candle smells very similar to Leaves, a personal favorite (I think I've burned through 7 of them in the last year and a half). The one thing that annoys me about this candle: the wick isn't centered!!! It's super annoying because unless I burn it for several hours, the wax to one side of it won't melt! I'm OCD about burning my candles evenly, so I can only light this one if I know I'm going to be home for a while. You can even see a bit of wax still clinging to the glass on the back of the candle in the picture below... ARRRRGGGHHH!! 

If you've picked up any of the new Lip Butter shades, let me know what you think about them down below! What other lip products are you picking up for spring? I've heard good things about the new Maybelline Color Whispers and Color Vivids Lipsticks. I'm not sure I'd pick up a Color Whisper unless there was a color I HAD to have because I already own so many lip butters (I've heard they have similar consistencies?). However, I own very few "true" lipsticks, and as I've been easing myself into bright and bold lips, I'm thinking I should pick up a Color Vivid or two. Everyone from high school aged beauty vloggers to Temptalia seems to be raving about those, so I don't think I'd hate them. I've also been interested in picking up the CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Pencils, particularly Watermelon Twist. Let me know if you own any of these and what you think down below!

XOXO Samantha 


  1. Whooo! You found them! I'm in love with Wild Watermelon pretty on fair skin! Three down, one to go! Congrats on your makeup victory!

  2. Love the Revlon Lip Butters their amazing! ♥