Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butter London!!

Hello there, beauty darlings!

So I've heard girls in the beauty community raving about Butter London polishes for the last year or so. But with their $14 price tag, I haven't been able to justify trying them out. Until yesterday. Ulta had a BOGO Free sale on Butter London polishes. Of course, I had to pick a couple up. I restrained myself and only got 2, but now I'm wishing I'd picked up a few more at such a fabulous price.

Disco Biscuit and Slapper!

I picked up Disco Biscuit, a gorgeous cool hot pink with micro glitter, and Slapper, a cream teal/aqua color that leans more green than the picture above shows. I love both of them! I am actually glad that Slapper ends up looking more green on because I have quite a few blue polishes (it's my favorite color!) and not a single green one. I was also surprised that I got full coverage out of 2 coats of Disco Biscuit. I may add a 3rd coat just to see if there is a difference, but I am happy with 2. I would also recommend adding a top coat over Disco Biscuit because the texture from the micro glitter is quite rough and not very shiny without one. 

2 coats of Disco Biscuit without a top coat.

Slapper on my toes!

Happy toes :)

What other shades from Butter London would you recommend checking out? Let me know in the comments below! 

Peace, Love, & Lots of Mascara,

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