Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

Hey guys!

Fall is my favorite season, bar none. Nothing makes me happier than the crisp scent of leaves and everything from coffee to bath products being loaded up with cinnamon, pumpkin, and apples. Over the past year I've turned into quite the candle girl. Part of my routine when I get home from work is to light a candle at my desk, sip on some water, and check my email, facebook, etc. It's just so relaxing! However, I'm very sensitive and particular about scents. I'm not a huge fan of floral stuff, nor of anything that is sickly sweet. (I don't want my candles to smell like frosted cupcakes, thank you very much.) Fall is my favorite time to stock up on candles for the whole year, because it seems like everything is warm and spicy. (Mmm... cinnamon!) Leaves has historically been my favorite - in fact, last year I bought something like 8 of them so that I wouldn't run out once they were out of stores! I still have 2 full ones left in my closet, so I decided that this year I wanted to branch out and try new scents.

I had gone into a Bath & Body Works store a few weeks ago to smell the new candles and get a feel for the scents I'd like. (Aaaand... I may have purchased some mini candles to test drive a few particularly enticing scents!) When their 2 for $20 candle event came around this past week I ordered online. I woke up this morning to a big cardboard box on my doorstep filled with fall candles! Yippee!!

My candle haul!

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: This smells exactly like pumpkin pie spice, with a hint of the creaminess of pumpkin and the sweetness of vanilla in the background. The most obvious scent is definitely cinnamon.

Spiced Cider: True to scent, this smells like a mug of steaming spiced cider. You can definitely smell the apple, but the spiciness cuts through the fruity sweetness. 

Cider Lane: Normally I don't go for sweeter smelling candles, but I thought I'd give this one a try. It smells exactly like a tart granny smith apple dipped in caramel sauce. There is a little bit of a cinnamon-y spiciness to it, but it is overall a sweeter smelling candle. I haven't burned this one yet so I'm curious to see how sweet it will be when it's burning. 

Farmstand Apple: Again, I decided to try something different and give myself a break from the overly spicy scents with this. It smells exactly like B&BW's apple scented skin care products, which I've owned in the past and which haven't bothered me, so I thought I'd give this candle a try. It's very fruity, and I figured it would be a cleaner scent to burn if I got sick of all the cinnamon and spice! I'll let you guys know how I end up liking this one!

All of my fall candles!!

I'm excited to add some variety to my candle burning - I was seriously starting to get sick of Leaves, which I didn't think could happen!! If you have any fall favorites, let me know in the comments below!

XOXO Samantha

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