Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Swear I Didn't Die and How I Came to Hate my HG Mascara

Oh my.

I swear I didn't mean to stop posting. Really. I thought about this blog a lot, usually in the middle of the night during panic attacks about all the things I had to do that I wasn't doing. I realize that all of 10 people read this, but this has developed a special little place in my heart, and I felt like I'd let myself down by not writing.

I'm moving in exactly 2 days. Terrifying, huh? This past year at home has been a blessing and a curse, and as much as I love my family there is a reason 20-somethings shouldn't live at home! I have my shiny new apartment and a shiny new library job and a shiny new MLIS program and a shiny new graduate assistantship and not-shiny-or-new-but-still-awesome Captain Doctor Boyfriend Person waiting for me. I'm pretty sure the last time I was this excited about something was before I started college, which is a long time to go without giddy levels of excitement. I'm liking all these happy endorphines; they make my insomnia more pleasant, at least.

In other infinitely more important news, I am devastated to announce that I no longer adore DiorShow Blackout. I used this mascara - alternating with plain ol' DiorShow - for YEARS, and I loved it. It was better than any other mascara I'd ever used, and I swore that all the money I shoveled out (even with my discount) was worth it. I had decided earlier this year to play around with some drugstore mascaras to see if I could find something more affordable to tide me over during my broke grad student years. After a few that I didn't hate but didn't love, I bought CoverGirl Clump Crusher. At first, I was highly disappointed - why were people raving all over the internet about this? And then I found the magic trick: this mo'fo' takes two coats to unlock all the wondrous rainbow unicorn magic contained in that green tube. I've always stuck to one coat of mascara, so this discovery was a shocker to me. Absolutely no clumps on a second coat, which I've never been able to do with a mascara before. This stuff is magic makeup crack, guys.

Ooooh, aaaahhh, mascara magic!!!
In my mind, I still held DiorShow as my top contender - the mascara that nothing could live up to. CC was awesome, but the tube of DiorShow from my latest haul would totally still knock it out of the park. Right? RIGHT? Unfortunately, Clump Crusher finally died last week after I had broken my only hard and fast makeup rule about only using mascara for 3 months so that I could milk an extra 3 weeks out of it. I was only consoled by the waiting tube of DiorShow Blackout in my vanity. I was actually prepared to hate CC after reusing DiorShow. Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHA.

And so I used it... aaaaand I was disappointed. It was way wetter than I remembered it being, so maybe things will get better in a couple of weeks as it naturally dries out a bit. I can't remember the last time a mascara smudged on me, but every day this week I've had faint grey smears under my eyes from this stuff. It is clumpier and less defining, lengthening, and volumizing than Clump Crusher, and even at half off DiorShow was still over double the price of CC. I honestly don't know what happened, but I can tell you right now I am never shelling out the money to buy DiorShow Blackout again. I may try another tube of the normal formula of DiorShow down the line (maybe I'm insane, but I swear this stuff was awesome all the years I used it before), but I cannot wait until the 3 months are up and I can go back to using Clump Crusher. (For what I paid, I'm not tossing it.)

Let me know what your HG mascaras are down below and if you have ever been this sorely let down after returning to an old favorite product before!! I can't be the only one who's realized their old HG now sucks!

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon. If not, know I'm hiding in a box fort in my shiny new living room having a mental breakdown over assembling Ikea furniture.

XOXO Samantha

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