Friday, January 3, 2014

Home Decor Haul: Marshall's & Target!!! (And a Bonus Nail of the Day!)

Hey guys!

I recently picked up a few home goodies at Marshall's and Target and I thought I'd share my little haul! I love infusing color into my apartment with little things, whether it's my hand towels or my kitchen tools. I am definitely influenced by the colors around me, so things my many-colored books and my sunny shower curtain can really perk me up if I'm feeling blah. (And with the gazillion inches of snow that got dumped in the North over the past few days, I'm definitely feeling the winter blahs.) Let's get to it!

This ain't your mamma's ironing board cover.
This may sound silly, but I am one of those people who irons everything. I've gotten a lot more relaxed as I've gotten older (I'm no longer ironing my tee shirts) but I own a lot of button downs and nicer tops that need to be pressed. I've owned my ironing board since I started undergrad (in 2008!) and the cover was GROSS. This Isaac Mizrahi cover was super marked down at Marshall's because of a pinhole-sized snag that is on the underside of the cover. Who cares about that? I thought this was super cute and it had much more cushioning than my crappy old cover, which makes ironing a lot easier!

Bowl: Anthropologie
If you guys somehow hadn't noticed, I love cooking. My Marshall's always has a pretty good selection of KitchenAid tools for under $4, which I think is a pretty nice deal for this sturdy and colorful kitchenware. I got an ice cream scoop in turquoise (I already own one in pink!) and a spatula in a pretty purple.

When I started college, I got some pretty towels in hot pink and turquoise. They're still going strong and my bathroom in my apartment is hot pink and turquoise, because I simply love the color combination. However, I had a horrible random roommate one year who stole a couple of my towels during move out and refused to give them back. I couldn't believe it when I walked into Marshall's and the first thing I saw was a display of towels from Ralph Lauren and DKNY that matched my already owned towels perfectly. I picked up another hand towel in each color, as I hate using a hand towel for more than a day or two at a time. (I'm a clean freak!)

The same horrible roommate also stole my washcloths. (I mean seriously - WHO STEALS WASHCLOTHS?) I saw this pack of cute pink wash cloths and I thought this was perfect. I like the idea of using a new wash cloth to wash my face every night, but didn't own enough to do this. Now I can! 
I'm seriously in love with this pattern.
I also picked up a couple packs of thank you notes from the stationary aisle. I am a very old fashioned thank you note writer, and I thought these were too cute to pass up!

Isn't he cute?
I went to Target a couple weeks ago and picked up a few holiday things, but I thought I'd just show you the two things I got for "all the time" in my apartment! The Anthropologie bowl that is next to my kitchen sink used to be in my bedroom, but I hate cooking with any rings or bracelets on. I was terrified that I would accidentally knock my rings into the sink, so I moved the blue bowl to my kitchen and picked up another dish to use in my bedroom! I actually think this was a "holiday" item (there was a reindeer one as well), but I didn't think it screamed Christmas. Do you?
I love the touch of gold! 
What the color actually looks like... lighting is so hard to get right!
I showed my bedroom in a recent post, and the curtains were also picked up on my Target run! I think the blue-grey matches my bedroom nicely. My apartment came with those crappy plastic vertical blinds that keep the neighbors from seeing you naked, but do nothing to keep the light out! These are lined and do a pretty decent job of keeping my bedroom dark. I'm so happy I got these!
Up close of the pattern!

Bonus Nail of the Day!!

I really like pink and turquoise. Can you tell? The color is Essie's In The Cabana.

Where are your favorite place to pick up home goodies on the cheap? I'd love to hear your secrets! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2014, and I'll talk to you guys soon!

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