Wednesday, April 17, 2013

*REVIEW* - CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

I showed the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in a recent haul, and thought I'd share my thoughts on this relatively new foundation with all of you. I have to admit, as far as foundations go, I was pretty excited to give this a whirl. I was really curious about the product. A full coverage drugstore foundation? That promises to stay on all day? And replace concealer? What??? I know, right? The marketing totally got me too.

Of course I was burning Market Peach. What else do you expect?
I purchased it in the lightest shade, Ivory, and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too dark for me. I was also beyond thrilled that a drugstore brand finally decided to put a pump on a foundation. SOMEONE SEND A MEMO TO REVLON - QUICK!!! Seriously -- why do so few drugstore foundations have pumps that I have to get this excited about the ones that do? It's not rocket science - even my cheap-o hand soap has this pump business down.


I have to say I was really pleased by this foundation. It's a full coverage foundation, but it felt light on the skin and never looked mask-like. The product itself is a pretty thin liquid, which gives it really nice blendability, and you don't have to worry about it drying before you have time to work with it. I have normal-to-dry skin that is prone to flaking, so I was worried that this foundation would emphasize minor flaking or dryness. On my first attempt, I applied with my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush, which didn't work out well. The buffing brush plus a more matte foundation did emphasize the minimal dryness of my skin and made me look like I was wearing foundation.

I'm so glad I gave this foundation a second chance, because when applied with my MAC 190 foundation brush, this stuff is absolute perfection. While I still needed to use concealer on my undereye circles and one or two red scars, this totally covered up any smaller spots and all the redness around my nose and chin. It has a more natural-to-matte finish, which I LOVE. There is nothing I hate more than being halfway through a day only to have my foundation start to feel greasy and slimy on my face (my main beef with the Nearly Naked foundation). While my arm is lighter than my face so the shades don't quite match up, you can see the nice, soft matte finish the foundation gives in the picture below. There is no shine or dewiness, which is the kind of finish I love. This stuff lasted ALL DAY - I went from a full day of work to a benefit dinner and my face looked flawless from start to finish. No weird spots where my foundation had worn or melted off!! It's also worth mentioning that this didn't oxidize on me, which has been a problem for me with other drugstore foundations.

Left: Liquid foundation; Right: Blended out
Overall, I really liked this foundation. My last few skin makeup choices have left me disappointed, so it was refreshing to go into a drugstore product with low expectations and be really impressed. It'll be nice to have a long-lasting full-coverage foundation on my side going into the melt-y summer months.

What foundations have you been wearing into spring? Does your routine change at all as it warms up, or do you stick to the same base day in and day out? Let me know down below!

XOXO Samantha

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